Introducing Inflate-A-Ball the new interactive, fun experience for kids available in a cheerful assortment of colours and designs.

Offer kids an interactive experience and make YOUR retail store a fun destination!

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Fun Time Inflation Station

  • Offer kids an interactive experience and make YOUR retails store a fun destination!
  • Kids choose and inflate Play balls = interactive fun and no labour expenses to the store
  • 60 cms. footprint
    Machine can hold up to 288 Inflate-A-Balls
  • Dramatically increases your profit per square metre
  • Safety shield for inflation needle
  • Sturdy, weighted base (36 kgs+)

Machine dimensions:
60 cm’s, diameter/ 210cm height. Weight 58kg

Machine carton dimensions:
105 x 62 x 62 cm’s

Please note: Only “Inflate-A-Balls” can be inflated by the patented Fun Time Inflation Station.

If you are looking for an interactive and fun way to increase your revenue look no further. Inflate-A-Ball is the ideal solution for toy shops, gift shops and theme parks. For more information please contact us.

Fun Time Inflation Station

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What Our Customers are Saying

“We just had renewal of one of our Rainbow SPECTRUM store.
The inflate-a-balls are our best seller!”

Asuka Uesugi

EntreX Inc.

“We gave the Inflate-A-Ball a go in one of our gift shops and were amazed how the children responded. We have doubled our order 3 times now just to keep up with demand”

David Chilcott

Orlando Experience

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